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Frequently Asked Questions 

Please search this form before contacting us.

I just want to convert one tape.

The 2 tape crate is the same price a 1 tape crate would be. 

The number of items I have doesn't equal one of your packages.

Because the 2 tape crate is the same amount as a 1 tape crate would be, you can simply purchase the amount of packages that equal the number of tapes you have. 

How long does the process take?

That depends on how many tapes or photos you are needing to convert. one or two tapes will be about a week. 15 to 20 tapes will take about four or five weeks.

Why is shipping not available?

We are a very small and local business. We currently do not have the bandwidth to offer shipping. We hope to be able to offer this one day!

I need help identifying my tapes.

Here is a quick little guide that will help you identify what kind of tapes you have.

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